What to Expect

Keeping the present day scenario in mind where we not only wake up to different alarm clocks but go through the day like the unwinding spring of a traditional alarm clock…the need of the day is simply…energy. And let’s not fool ourselves, that morning cup of tea or coffee may pep you up…but goes as fast as the taste does!

Calendar_2017_0210 benefits you can take home with Energizer Yoga

  • ANTI – AGING properties
  • Improves ENDOCRINE system
  • Helps deal with STRESS
  • Strengthens IMMUNITY
  • Gives more ENERGY
  • Better PEACE & BALANCE
  • Improves SELF ESTEEM
  • POSITIVE outlook

So Energizer Yoga is what I bring to the mat for you and your family. A program that is customized based on individual health and body conditioning. Where we keep tabs on the different levels each student is capable of reaching, his or her shortcomings and capability to get into postures.

This form of Yoga motivates students to gain holistic wellbeing on a long-term basis. From stretch exercises, pranayams and basic Yoga, to complex postures and advanced practices, Energizer Yoga is a charging mechanism that helps body and mind combine forces and tone up without stressing joints and muscles too much… a plus for the elderly to shape up too! Finally by boosting the immune system itself, Energizer Yoga removes body toxins with its challenging moves and helps increase stamina and general health. Oh yes, what better way to start your day than a recharge that gets you buzzing with renewed vigor!