Why Yoga

So what can Yoga do for you besides flexing your body, stretching your muscles, soothing the mind and breathing more consciously? (Oh yes and being able to talk about it on your FB page)…

Believe me, it does a lot more! And age has no part to play. You can get into it at the age of 7 or flex your body and even floor everybody with your suppleness at 70. For flexibility begins with the mind. If you think you are not flexible, you ensure that your body follows your fixed thought process!

One of the most important aspects of Yoga is that it enables you to control the number one life-sustaining agent that none of us can do without yet have taken it as a natural process… breathing. Yes, we all do but this is where the commonality changes. Yoga actually enables you to breathe correctly and take control of your breathing by bringing physical and mental disciplines together. In Yoga, breath signifies your vital energy. Once you control your breathing, you control your body and relax your mind. For if you are not breathing well…you are not living well!

A silent syndrome more pronounced with today’s fast-paced lifestyle is one that affects our mental and physical well being…stress. This simple six letter word has the ability to throw our mental and physical equilibrium out of gear and send even the toughest, sailing over a cricket fence for six! While it has always been an omnipresent part of life, thanks to a 24 x 7 work environment, better connectivity and networking, stress levels too have started traveling as fast as a tweet!

Yoga addresses a lot more issues than just being able to breathe easy and manage stress. It also improves balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. This quite simply means you improve your physical condition and reduce or manage chronic health conditions.